soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division

handing out food to the French population

The second day of the invasion was all about bringing reinforcements into the small beachheads, that were not yet united into one. Many parachutists were still wandering the Cotentin as well as the Orne area, alone or in small groups. They were looking for their own lines and for some it would take a few more days to reach it. Others wouldn't get that far and were captured during this time by German patrols. The soldiers of the 4th Division who had landed on Utah Beach had established contact with the organized groups of the Airborne forces and were now preparing for German counterattacks. All the beaches were filling up with material on this second day. On Omaha these actions were troubled by small groups of German soldiers that had been bypassed during the American advance and who were now troubling the reinforcements.

6.1 George Smith Morris 175th Inf. Reg. 29th Inf. Div.
6.2 Bob Salley 326th A/B Eng. Bat. 101st ABN Division
6.3 JJ Mills: Sniper incident
6.4 Vierville-sur Mer; Victor Miller
6.5 Mike McKinney, 1st Inf. Div.: Connecting with the British

Lt. Fox arrived at the 146th ECB as a replacement officer on D-day+4.


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