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10 october 2015 | Added the capture and escape in the Ardennes story by James M. Downey, 508th PIR, 82nd Airborne. Read here

10 october 2015 | Added the capture and strange escape story by Jack S. Haynes, 83rd US Infantry Division. Read here

26 october 2014 | Added Athur Pinnow to the men of d-day gallery.

13 april 2014 | Added film material of the practice landings at Slapton sands.

Februari 2012 | New part of the website with new accounts from world war 2 by the veterans.

17 august 2011 | Added several new photos to the site.

15 august 2011 | Added several new photos of the food drop in Holland.

25 july 2011 | Added several new photos of the food drop in Holland.

WW2 Veteran stories

Henry Morrison | 170th Squadron RAF Lancaster crash in Holland, 1945
9 march 2010 - The windmill at Terbregge now and then. You can find the photos here...
Terbregge 1945 - 2010

Battle of the Ardennes 1944

22 march 2012 | Short bio of 2nd Lieutenant George Conrad Connealy added with the WW2 monument at Melines, Ardennes. Read more...

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On the Normandy 1944 website:

British WWII Normandy Veteran wishes to honor lost comrades with avenue of remembrance
The full story here

8 juni 2012 - Added photo of Thomas O Medlin on page Men of D-day

22 march 2012 | Charles Skidmore, Glider Pilot 91st Squadron 439th Troop Carrier Group
"...As the glider settled on the water, Skidmore removed his flak vest, tore a large piece of fabric off the side of the cockpit and rolled out into the water. He and the pilot headed for the nearest hedgerow for protection." Read more...

1 februari 2010 | Updated the Men of D-day gallery.

20 december 2009 | Added information to the story of Bill Rugh, US Navy gunloader on the USS Walke DD723.

20 september 2009 | Short biography of Charles Arthur Massey, Gunner with the 14th Field Regiment RCA, who was killed on D-day.

14 january 2005 | Several photos added to the D-day story of Clifford D. Kantz, C-47 pilot 441st TCG

8 september 2004 | Lt. Fox arrived at the 146th ECB as a replacement officer on D-day+4.

6 september 2004 | The D-day experiences of Art Hopper, Glider pilot 434th TCG

28 august 2004 | The D-day experiences of Clifford D. Kantz, C-47 pilot 441st TCG

16 august 2004 | The D-day experiences of Wes Ross, 146th Engineer Combat Battalion added

16 august 2004 | Photo's added to the D-day story of Marvin Litke, picture courtesy, Marvin Litke

15 august 2004 | Photo's from Robert M. Murphy, 505th RCT pathfinder added

13 august 2004 | Gallery for the men of D-day added

15 august 2004 | Short history of the actions on Juno Beach on D-day added

On the Operation Market Garden 1944 website:

April 2014 | Philip Jacobs | Glider pilot 72nd Troop Carrier Squadron. The story of a group of British and American Paratroopers that are kept hidden by the Dutch resistance when their gliders are forced into an early landing during operation Market Garden. Read the story here

14 june 2010 | Men of Market Garden Gallery, A photo gallery of men who fought during operation Market Garden

5 februari 2010 | Crossing the Waal, The recollections of Meldon Hurlbert, 307th Engineer Bn, 82nd Airbone Division

20 september 2009 | Added photos of the commemorations in Groesbeek, Eerde and St. Oederode

29 september 2006 | Added pictures of monuments at Grave, received from David Dilley The bridge at Grave

29 september 2006 | I have made a "battlefield tour" in Belgium and Brabant (Netherlands) where I have visited sites around the starting point of operation Garden. Click here.

1 january 2006 | Added pictures of monuments in Oosterbeek, Ede and Eerde .

14 january 2005 | Personal history of Troop Carrier pilot Clifford D. Kantz was added.

14 january 2005 | Short personal history of 87th TCS Gliderpilot Martin G. Meier, provided by his daughters.

11 january 2005 | Photos of monuments in Arnhem and Oosterbeek where added.

19 October 2004 | Robert Murphy's, incredible story about his combat experiences near Groesbeek as a paratrooper in the 505th PIR

19 October 2004 | Kees Buijs, the memories from a young boy of the liberation of Eindhoven.

24 september 2004 | Photos, of the 2004 commemorations of Market Garden around Arnhem

22 september 2004 | T. Sgt. Buford Appleby, 315 TCG, 34th TCS

6 september 2004 | The Market Garden experiences of Art Hopper, Glider pilot 434th TCG

28 august 2004 | Picture of the 1061st Signal Co. added to the 442nd TCG.

17 august 2004 | Brief history of the 434th Troop Carrier Group added

14 august 2004 | Photo's from the 326th Eng Bn, B Co added

12 august 2004 | Photo's from the Glider pilot James R. Field added

11 august 2004 | Grouphoto of the men of the 61st Troop Carrier Group added

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Robert Murphy's stick

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59th Squadron

The men of the 61st TCG pose in front of the X5, the aircraft that was commanded by LtCol. Marcus O. Owens Jr.
Picture courtesy, Bernie Semler, his farther is one of the mecanics in the picture, backrow, fifth from the left.
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British Horsa

British Horsa Glider that flew in the 1st Allied Army on Klein Amerika.

Picture courtesy Lindsey Lewis

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