1st Lt. McKennan 101st Airborne Division

The Screaming Eagles Dick Wolch and Howard Hoye were not the only paratroopers that had landed in the wrong place that night. The majority of the men of the 101st and 82nd Airborne divisions would be scattered over a large area. Although many were dropped several miles from their original drop zone, they gathered as good as possible and attacked the first objective they could find. Some were very unlucky when they were dropped. 1st Lieutenant McKennan was such a man. The C-47 he was in had caught fire due to the German anti aircraft fire on the coast. McKennan was one of the first men to leave the aircraft and that saved him from the flames. Several of the paratroopers further in the back of the aircraft were taken with it when it went down. McKennan's luck ran at from the moment he touched the ground. He landed in the middle of the command post of a German battalion. A German colonel who clearly appeared to be on panic came running towards McKennan. He yelled "Is this the invasion, is this the invasion?" McKennan of course denied this and was then march of into enprisonement.

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