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The landing of Lester McLean on Omaha beach was added to the site.

Some of the veterans that tell their story on this page also took part in the airborne drop
in Holland. You can find their stories of that operation on this website.

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A gallery for the men of D-day has been added to the site (august 14)

Silver Star recipient at Omaha Beach
Sergeant Mike McKinney received the silver star for his action on Omaha Beach, Mike was part of the 16th Reg. Co. L. 1st Div


d-day commemoration 2004 in Holland
The 5th Ranger Battalion on Omaha Beach
Victor Miller, recalls his landing at Omaha Beach


Training for the big show
Richard Bostwick, a glider infantryman recalls the extensive training that preceeded the invasion.


Howard Hoye, A paratrooper from the 101st got captured by the Germans.


Reinforcements came in by glider in the afternoon of D-day
Rudy Kos, a solder of the 325th Glider Infantry Regiment came into Normandy by glider, later in the day.


Twins land on Omaha
Robert and Richard Neff both land on Omaha as part of the 121st Engineer Battalion that was attached to the 1st Infantry Division



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